9. Shops and Dealers

This list is not exhaustive and I would welcome further information.

Barleycorn Concertinas          Carries a very good range of second 
Chris Algar                     hand concertinas, possibly the best 
60 Liverpool Road West          anywhere. Has a reputation second to
Church Lawton                   none. WWW pages at:-
Cheshire                        http://www.concertina.co.uk                        
ST7 3DF 
Phone 0127 087 9958

The Button Box                  Dealers in new and
P.O. Box 372                    second-hand instruments.
42 Amherst Rd                   Particular interest in duets.
Sunderland, MA 01375            Good people. (Also see section 8).
USA                             WWW pages at:-
Phone (413) 665 7793            http://www.buttonbox.com

Hobgoblin Music                 Probably the biggest dealer in new
17 The Parade                   and second-hand concertinas in the
Northgate                       UK. Own brand Gremlin concertinas 
Crawley                         mostly contain Stagi-made reed-pans,
West Sussex RH10 2DT            though some anglos are made by A. C. 
England                         Norman using Antonelli accordion 
Phone 01293 515858              reeds, and are significantly better.
                                Also has several shops across England
                                and in Minnesota in the US. WWW for
                                both UK and US at:- 
Homewood Musical Instrument Co  Sells a good range of concertinas,
3027 Central Avenue             including Stagi concertinas and a 
Birmingham                      surprising number of fine English-
Alabama                         made instruments.  The Stagis are
USA                             frequently substantially rebuilt and  
Phone (205) 879-4868            improved. Bob Tedrow who owns the
                                store teaches concertina and has
                                his own WWW page at:-
House of Musical Traditions     As well as buying and selling, they
7040 Carroll Ave                also teach concertina.
Takoma Park MD 20912            WWW page with some excellent info and
USA                             concertina buying advice at:-
Phone (301) 270-9090            http://www.hmtrad.com

Lark In The Morning             Dealers in new and second-hand
PO Box 1176                     instruments
Mendocino                       Has WWW page at:-
California 95460                http://www.larkinam.com
Phone (707) 964-5569            

Marcus Music                    Usually has a good range of second-
Tredegar House                  hand instruments. Sometimes has a
Newport                         stand at UK folk festivals. Also
Gwent                           makes anglos (see section 8).
Wales                           WWW pages at:-
Phone 01633 815612              http://www.marcusmusic.co.uk

McNeela Instruments             A music shop selling all sorts of              
137, Grange Drive               instruments but with a good number
Baldolye Industrial Estate      of concertinas including their own
Dublin 13                       Wren, Swan and Phoenix concertinas.
Ireland                         I haven't tried any of these myself
Phone (+353) 1 8322432          but they're likely worth checking out
                                if you're in Dublin. WWW pages at:-

The Music Room                  Formerly Dave Mallinson Music. 
St.John's Works                 Specialises in folk instruments
St.John's Place                 and usually have a good stock of
Cleckheaton                     new and second-hand concertinas
BD19 3RR                        Sometimes has a stand at UK folk
England                         festivals. WWW pages at:-
Phone 01274 879768              http://www.the-music-room.com/

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