8. Makers and Repairers

If sending your concertina through the post for repair or tuning (e.g. from the US to one of the UK repairers) PLEASE make sure it is properly packed first. Please contact the repairer in question before dispatch - they may have moved! This list is not exhaustive and I would welcome further information. I have only expressed opinions where I am familiar with the instruments. You can assume that all makers will do repairs unless it says otherwise.

The ordering of this list is based on one produced by Daniel Hersh at Concertina.net.


Student-level [accordion reeds mounted on accordion-style reed blocks] BGK (Short for Beschäftigungsgesellschaft Klingenthal mbH). The very last of the old German conzertina makers has very recently closed. They weren't particularly good concertinas, but it's still a sad day. Concertina Connection The only company to appear in all four makers sections and a remarkable 9811 South Big Rock Lane outfit all round. Dedicated to the reintroduction of the concertina Valleyford, WA 99036 and based around the activities of Wim Wakker giving lecture recitals, USA workshops etc. Make traditional, hybrid and MIDI concertinas but their Phone (509) 922 626 relevance for this section is down to the Jackie English concertina and its Jack baritone variant, plus the Rochelle anglo and the Elise Hayden duet. These are made in China to Concertina Connection designs and subject to their quality control. They currently represent the best value in starter instruments today. Email Web www.concertinaconnection.com/ Hohner All Hohner concertinas are made for them by other companies. In the past this was usually Stagi, but it seems likely some of their models are now Chinese-made. Web www.hohnerusa.com/index.php?224 Scarlatti Scarlatti concertinas are made in China and are very cheap. Some of them look scarily like the Rochelle from Concertina Connection. That's all I can find to say about them, really. Stagi Fabbrica Concertine, having bought Brunner Musica, make Stagi (formerly Bastari) Fabbrica Concertine srls. concertinas, easily the most widely sold in the world. They also make Contrada Vadice 52/A "badge-engineered" concertinas for companies like Hohner and Salterelle Recanati, Macerata, 62019 E-mail Italy Web www.fabbricaconcertine.com/eng/ "Hybrid" [accordion reeds mounted flat, vintage-style action and general construction] Concertina Connection Concertina Connection used to sell hybrid concertinas made in conjunction 9811 South Big Rock Lane with the bandonion maker Harry Geuns under the name Geuns-Wakker. This Valleyford, WA 99036 arrangement appears to have ceased and they are now developing their USA own hybrid "Clover" anglo. Watch their web site for further details. Phone (509) 922 626 More info about this company above. Email Web www.concertinaconnection.com/ Frank Edgley Something of a concertina Renaissance Man, Frank has always had an excellent 2346 Meldrum reputation for repairs and retuning. Now he makes very well-regarded anglos Windsor using accordion reeds, has produced an anglo tutor and has a CD of nice Irish Ontario N8W 4E4 music with his son. Canada Email Phone (519) 948-9149 Web www.concertinas.ca *** stop press *** Frank has recently started making concertinas with concertina reeds! See below for more details. Note that he is continuing to make accordion reeded concertinas. Harry Geuns Harry Geuns is primarily a bandonion maker, but as noted above he started making Rondstraat 11 accordion-reed based concertinas for Wim Wakker. Even though that connection has ended 3640 Molenbeersel/Kinrooi he and his wife Riny still makes Englishes and anglos to order. They have a good name Belgium for quality and appearance. If you search round the (slightly clunky) web site you will Phone +32(0)89704151 find a couple of recordings of Wim Wakker's fine playing of classical and jazz pieces. Email Web www.bandoneon-maker.com/harrygeuns.htm Herrington Bros. Concertinas Harold Herrington makes 30-button anglos with a very fine and playable action Rowlett Hexagonal and (unusually) square designs with German silver ends. I have Texas owned a square ended Herrington for 10 years and more. Phone (214) 703-0409 E-mail Web www.concertinas.com Homewood Musical Instrument Co Bob Tedrow makes good concertinas of all systems frequently with a beautiful finish. 3027 Central Avenue Does a lot of repair work, and his web site has some nice photo essays on both making Birmingham and repairing - indeed the site goes from strength to strength. Alabama E-mail USA Web hmi.homewood.net Phone (205) 879-4868 A.C. Norman & Co. Maker and repairer. Has been making 30-button and (unusually for accordion-reeded "Paddock", Rowton concertinas) 36-button C/G and G/D anglos since 1980 using hand-tuned Italian reeds. Halfway House E-mail Shrewsbury web http://www.acnorman.co.uk Shropshire SY5 9EL Phone 01743 884583 Marcus Music Make 30-button anglos and 37 button Englishes based on Antonelli reeds. Nice to play. Tredegar House Also deals in concertinas (see section 9). Newport E-mail Gwent Web www.marcusmusic.co.uk Wales Phone 01633 815612 Sherwood (Hobgoblin) Made for Hobgoblin (see section 9) by Sherwood. Unfortunately I don't know any more Hobgoblin Music than that. 17 The Parade E-mail Northgate Web www.hobgoblin.com Crawley West Sussex RH10 2DT England Phone 01293 515858 Wolverton Concertinas A new maker in 2017, currently of anglos only. I think quite highly of these and 1 Kingston Avenue you can read my review here. The maker, Stony Stratford Jake Middleton, also undertakes repairs. Buckinghamshire E-mail Mk11 1DS Web wolvertonconcertinas.com Phone 07501 085155 STOP PRESS: see below for Jake's latest venture in concertina making. Vintage-style [concertina-type reeds, vintage-style construction] Carroll Concertinas An American maker of anglo concertinas using true concertina reeds of his own 912 Squire Oaks Dr. make rather than the ubiquitous accordion reed. I have not seen a Carroll concertina Villa Hills myself yet, but the photo essays on the web site look very promising and they are KY 41017 spoken well of on concertina.net. Only repairs concertinas he has made. USA E-mail Phone (859)426-5746 Web www.carrollconcertinas.com/ Email Concertina Connection The Wakkers are now making traditional concertinas to add to all their other 9811 South Big Rock Lane activities: English, anglo and (get this) Hayden duets! They also make Phoenix Valleyford, WA 99036 anglos using salvaged reeds. USA Email Phone (509) 922 626 Web www.concertinaconnection.com/ Connor Concertinas Repairs and makers of new concertinas using traditional reeds. The reeds can be 30 Eastbury Avenue of his own manufacture or salvaged from old concertinas. I used to own a Connor G/D Rochford and it was a joy to play, both light and responsive. Essex SS4 1SF England Phone 01702 546745 Geoff Crabb Geoff, of the old firm of Crabb and Co Concertinas, has recently started making concertinas again. However this is on an occasional basis and so far as I am aware he is not taking orders so I have not given his contact details. C & R Dipper & Son Repairers and makers of concertinas of all systems. Make outstanding concertinas. West End House I have got a baritone anglo made by them as well as a Jeffries restored by them. High Street They are miraculous instruments. A big change that has recently (2016) taken place Heytesbury is that Colin and Rosalie have been joined in the business by their son John, Warminster BA12 0EA who brings with him a website for the company at last(!) which has a contact form. England Web www.johndipper.co.uk/concertinas/index.htm Phone 01985 840516 Frank Edgeley Frank is listed above as a maker of accordion reeded anglos but started in 2012 to See Hybrid Concertinas make concertinas using true concertina reeds. I have not seen one of these myself above for contact details but knowing the quality of his work with hybrid instruments I would expect these to be fine instruments. Chris Ghent Another Australian maker who makes (according to his web site) "a concertina for Irish Sydney music...based on the great concertinas of the 19th century and handmade to ensure high Australia standards". That is to say, a 30 button C/G anglo using traditional reeds. Phone (61 2) 9590 8209 E-mail l or (61) 402 411 552 Web www.concertina.com.au Holden Concertinas The only information I have is from the web site, which shows a relatively new (as of 2019) 426 Rossendale Road maker with some fine looking instruments. He says "Please don't turn up at the workshop Burnley without contacting me to arrange an appointment first" which is fair enough. Lancashire BB11 5HN E-mail England Web www.holdenconcertinas.com Phone )1282 541810 Holmwood Concertinas Makers of English 56-button tenor treble concertinas to their own design. One owner (Hamish and Freda Bayne), (Don Nichols) says "It is a visual work of art, as well as being wonderful to play". Unit 3 Quarryfield Road Recently moved to Orkney, but still active as makers. Only repair their own Hatston Industrial Estate concertinas. Kirkwall KW15 1GD Orkney UK Phone 01856 879055 Kensington Concertinas Dana Johnson, the maker, has a good name for the concertinas he has made, 10132 Crestwood Rd, concentrating on C/G anglos but will make other keys to special order. Kensington Email contact via web site. MD 20895 USA Web www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/ Phone (301) 493-9492 Jurgen Suttner Concertinas Maker of English and anglo concertinas. I have had the good fortune to pick and play Gewerbestr. 26 a few Suttners over the years. Good to start with, they have got steadily better D-57078 Siegen until now I would say they are up there with the best. Germany E-mail Phone +49-271 8706939 Web www.suttnerconcertinas.com/ Thomas Concertinas Another modern maker who has chosen to make anglos for Irish music, the range consisting 52 Linden Street of 30, 31 or 38 button coconcertinas in C/G or C#/G#. Frostburg E-mail MD 21532 Web www.thomasconcertinas.com/ USA Phone (828) 337-2197 C Wheatstone & Co Ltd Repairs and makes concertinas of all systems. Excellent instruments, I would (Steve Dickinson), hate to have to choose between Dickinson and Dipper for quality! 21 Bridge Street E-mail Stowmarket Web www.wheatstone.co.uk/ Suffolk IP14 1BP England Phone 01449 615523 Wolverton Concertinas Jake Middleton has been establishing a solid reputation as a maker of good 1 Kingston Avenue quality hybrid concertinas. Now after much research he has started making Stony Stratford instruments containing his own concertina reeds. A very welcome development. Buckinghamshire E-mail Mk11 1DS Web wolvertonconcertinas.com Phone 07501 085155 Miscellaneous Makers [reedless MIDI concertinas etc] Accordion Magic Ltd Much of what they do is accordion repair, but what I have seen of Roy 88 Woodlands Park Whiteley's concertina work is good. Good photo essays on the web site Wash Lane of concertina repair work they have done. Most significantly they do Allostock MIDI concertina conversions. I have one, and it's a cracking piece of kit. Cheshire Roy took my old Lachenal 30 button anglo and made it into a reedless WA16 9LG MIDI wonder. He also does Englishes as well. England Email Phone 01565 723080 Web www.accordionmagic.com/ Concertina Connection Back for their final appearance in this list because they make the Wakker MIDI 9811 South Big Rock Lane English and anglo concertinas. The concertina is made by Wim and the electronics Valleyford, WA 99036 by Dutch company Tethys. I'vwe not tried one yet (though I'd love to compare it USA with my Whiteley/Lachenal) but they have a good name. Phone (509) 922-626 Email Web www.concertinaconnection.com/ S-Wave Instruments Dean Onyons of Loughborough makes a very interesting variation on the MIDI concertina. He has been able to dispense not only with the reeds but the bellows as well! His web site gives full details of the S-Wave MIDI English concertina and its development. Not his address or phone number, I'm afraid, but here is the URL and email address at least. Web www.s-wave.co.uk/index.html Email Repairers and others Accusound Make specialist microphones for miking awkward instruments - including concertinas. 172 Wadsley Lane Probably have the edge on Microvox for quality, but Microvox are cheaper! Sheffield Web www.hebdensoundgroup.co.uk/accusound/ S6 4EE England Phone 0114 220 3517 Mike Acott Does a wide range of repairs including fretwork, french polishing and new bellows. Does a lot 33 Kelvin Road of work for Chris Algar. Also recommended by Colin Cater. Ipswich Suffolk IP1 5EH England Phone 01473 743080 George Bolliger Spoken of highly as a concertina repairer by his fellow Australians on concertina.net. 64 Antoine Street Email Rydalmere NSW 2116 Australia (A suburb of Sydney). Phone 0417 437 746 Bill Crossland Yorkshire-based concertina repairer and renovator. 60, Broad Lane Email Upperthong Holmfirth HD9 3XE England Phone 01484 687195 Concertina Spares This largely online service was originally started by the late David Leese and is now run by Mark Lloyd-Adey. Sells replacement parts up to and including bellows! E-mail Phone 01650 511888 Web www.concertina-spares.com/ Dave Elliott Repairs and retunes concertinas. The very knowledgeable author of The Concertina Maintenance Oughtibridge Manual. Sheffield E-mail S Yorkshire S35 0FH Web www.concertina-repair.org.uk England Phone 0114 2863069 Theo Gibb Theo is mostly known for his accordion repair work. However he did some excellent work Greenfield House on my Morse anglo for me. He is an active and knowledgeable member of the Concertina.net St Cuthbert's Road forum and there are some nice pictures on his web site. Marley Hill Newcastle upon Tyne Web www.theboxplace.co.uk/ NE16 5EB England Phone 0191 488 8832 Jolly Roger Accordions Roger Thomas has actually appeared on TV in his role as a concertina repairer, doing a fine Based near Andover, Hants job on an old Jeffries 38 button anglo. England Web www.jollyrogeraccordions.co.uk Phone 07526 658430 Email address not given, can be contacted by a form on his website. Greg Jowaisas A longstanding and knowledgeable member of the concertina.net forums, Greg's work as a Taylor Mill repairer has been commended by several other members. Usually has a few reconditioned Kentucky concertinas for sale. USA E-mail Phone (859) 291-7062 Microvox Ltd Make specialist microphones for miking awkward instruments including concertinas. We used 31 Heys Road to use them ourselves during our performing days. Widely used in ceilidh bands. Holmfirth E-mail West Yorks Web www.microvox.co.uk HD9 7SF England Phone 01484 684049 Reads's Reeds Does retuning, repairs and restoration. Will also help people find an instrument. 6 Holloway Road E-mail Toronto Ontario M9A 1E8 Canada Phone 416-207-0258 Nigel Sture Concertina repairer recommended by Ron Marks of West Country Concertina Players Hillside Cottage who has also done a lot of work for Chris Algar. Frogmore E-mail Kingsbridge Web www.concertinas-uk.co.uk Devon TQ7 2NR England Phone 01548 531525 Squeezebox Garage Apparently "specialising in the repair, restoration, and tuning of vintage Anglo, English Located somewhere in and Duet concertinas". Bob Snope, formerly of The Button Box, is the presiding genius here Western North Carolina and with that background I'm sure we can expect very good work. Phone 413-325-6421. Email repair@squeezeboxgarage.com Web www.squeezeboxgarage.com/
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