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 Accordiana and General Squeezing:
General accordion links Accordion Man's Cajun MIDI page....
Queensland Accordian and Traditional Music Page Accordions Worldwide Homepage
Music - Accordion Concertina FAQ
Robert Wallis Accordion Microphone Page
(if you'd like to fit your own)
The Button Box Concertinas and Button Boxes
Accordion History in Australia Concertina Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture
The Accordion Pages at RootsWorld CONCERTINA! 
Hans Palm's Accordion Page


 Australian Folks:
Australian Folk Festivals South Australia Folk Musical Instruments
Victor Harbour Folk Festival (South Australia) Rocky River Bush Band
Australian Music Ridin' the Bar (South Australian Shanty Singers)
Folk Alliance Australia Information Hedgemonkey Morris

Tall Ship Links (Have a look!!) 

 All Things Celtic:
Celtic Studies Around the World Tunes at Ceolas
The Celtic Connection Other Irish Music Sites:
Celt.Net - An Online Celtic Community All tunes, sorted by country
Ceolas celtic music archive


 International Folks:
The Folk Pages FolkBook: An Online Acoustic Music Establishment
Folk Music Home Page The Chipolatas


 Some of the Competition:
Elderly Instruments The Button Box
Lark In The Morning Homewood Musical Instrument Co.


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