The Countryside Collection

These designs are by Anne Gregson and continue to be very good sellers for us. There is a white border round each design. The cards are blank inside and are A6 size, measuring 162 x 121 mm when packaged with an envelope. They come with coloured envelopes, each specially chosen to enhance the colours of the design.

C1. Early Morning Reflections

C2. Foxgloves

C3. Misty Valley

C4. Morning Mist

C5. River Mist

C6. Meadow Flowers

C7. Sunny Woodland Path

C8. Daffodil Woods

C9. Yellow Irises

C10. Bluebell Woods

C11. Stream in Early Summer

C12. Black-Faced Sheep

C13. Morning Walk

C14. Riverside Sheep

C15. Sheep in Sunlight

C16. Winter Lake

C17. Tree in Winter

C18. Blue Island

C19. Winter Oak

C20. Winter Trees

C21. Winter Evergreen

C22. Through the Gate

C23. Snowdrop Woods

C24. Woodland Clearing

C25. Up the Steps

C26. Over the Rainbow

C27. Daffodils

C28. Woodland Flowers

C29. Over the Bay

C30. Poppies

C31. Moonlit Lake

C32. Butterflies and Foxgloves

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